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Support Local Restaurants

Not too long ago, a little girl would have lunch in a small Chinese restaurant near her parents' little corner shop in downtown Vancouver. As time passed by, the restaurant changed a few owners and her parents retired from the little Dad and Daughter shop, but the heartwarming feelings from the restaurant remains every time she dines at the little restaurant.

As Pandemic storm in without notice, all local businesses suffer, and if we do not step up and support these businesses, they may be all gone.

One day, the owner of King's Kitchen approached my friend, asked on whether we can help her to survive the big storm. Without a minute, I decided to spare my resources to support.

At that moment, I did not know that restaurant is the one my wife spent her childhood with her parents for lunch.

By ordering a small meal from local restaurants could be the easiest thing for us to do, it does not just help the owners to survive the business downfalls, I could also save the childhood memories of someone we know and we love.

Long story but true. Love you all.

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