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Proudly Vancouver Brand Story

Who we are?

Since we are situated in the Pacific temperate rainforest, on a typical day in Vancouver, BC, it was either covered with a thick cluster of rain clouds or it just poured. On the silver lining though, is that we gratified to see it going away and in comes the sun. But without that prolonging rain cloud, how could we appreciate the greatness of Vancouver in nice weather? We must also remember that we have the best natural resources in the world, the freshest water, interesting heritage stories and most diverse cultures in North America. Come visit our city when you can, we are proud to show you what we are.

As for our brand, we vision to share with the world how proud we are of our city and its culture starting from that little piece of rain cloud. In our designs, we integrate our little rain cloud from the logo, the proud orca, or even the boba tee to show the world how proud we are, thus our name Proudly Vancouver. We can't wait to show you what will come next!

Just remember to be that proud cloud.

And this message is rain cloud approved.


- Proudly Vancouver TEAM

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