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Virtual Omnichannel vs. Online or in-store shopping

We started to see the demand of virtual selling since March 2020. The biggest different between virtual selling and online platform is customer service.

Pandemic started in 2019, started to hit everyone in Spring 2020. Canada was under lockdown in March. Our team started to have the trial and error approach on setting up virtual selling platform. I am so grateful that my staff and investors shares the same vision of the need of virtual omnichannel selling.

Fast track to 2021. The platform is tried tested and true, helping local business to sell not just online, but with virtual assistants to guide the clients through their online shopping. Clients can book the appointment with our virtual assistants, review the products prior to making their decisions. The platform also helped international companies to obtain healthy growth on their existing online sales channel during the lockdowns.

Our virtual selling not just improved the revenue, also to provide better customer service. The result is simple, happy repeated customers.


"Thanks so much for following up. I did receive the earrings! They are beautiful and I know my sister will love them. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service, I won’t hesitate to make another purchase in the future. I know things have been difficult with COVID so I really do appreciate the high level of customer service you were able to provide.

Thanks again!" Kayla

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